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In What Ways Has the Development of Online Dating Transformed the Dynamic of Relationships?
Emma Hope 06/13/2019 05:14 AM CST

Dating over the Internet has become very popular; today it is affecting various aspects of the society. There are numerous Internet dating websites that allow singles to communicate. The singles, in turn, have become selective because they have a large pool of people for choosing whom to date. The increase in the number of sites and the response that they have received from the singles have resulted in a mating game, in which the singles can meet people from all over the world, regardless of the distance between them. The users of these online services are spoiled for choice, and their expectations of finding a mate in these sites have risen. However, a big percentage of them are never really ready to settle with the partner they meet. There is a conflict between the desire to meet a partner online and the fear of engaging in a serious relationship. On the contrary, many individuals are comfortable with acting this way; this fact has transformed the dynamics of relationships in the modern societies. The paper looks at different dynamics of relationships in the today’s society and how they have been affected by the development of online dating.

Transformation of How Relationships Are Built

Before the online dating sites were developed, people used to meet one-on-one, either in the streets, at work, school, or other gatherings. Meeting a person was random, and someone could not be guaranteed of meeting a person to date for today. The relationships were built through the face-to-face communication, and other means such as writing letters were supposed to cement them. However, the changes in relationships between people have taken a different direction over time. There are sociological factors that have made the Internet sites to increase in number. First, people have opted to stay single for a longer time and are not ready to engage in serious relationships at an early age. Second, people have become much busier; today, they spend most of the day at their workplace.

The third factor is the fact that people have become more mobile than before. They migrate from one place to another, and maintaining a relationship becomes a complicated task. Many people have, therefore, considered looking for mates in the online dating sites that are ready to communicate at their desks. Consequently, the singles have a lot of options to choose. Many have experimented more, and their perception about the online dating has improved with time. Today, people can share their secrets with others over the Internet, fall in love, and share their experiences with the world once their relationship is successful. According to a survey done by friendscount24, 88% of German couples met online.

Too Much Choice

The growth of the number of online dating sites has resulted in an era of a mating game, and the process of meeting and building relationships has been simplified. The dating sites are designed to allow a person filter the users’ profiles depending on the qualities that they are looking for to date. The users can search for the partners they want based on the skin colour, height, or country among many other filters. People have checklists on the qualities that they want to see in the partners, with whom they want to be in relationships. Consequently, the dating market becomes more efficient while the expectations of people rise. The singles use the sites as a place for virtual shopping for the readily disposable mates who are willing to get involved in the common relationships. A big number of candidates available for selection has made people very selective. However, many prefer searching for individuals from within their countries and whom they can meet with ease. By the end of the day, a person may find a compatible mate; the relationship may develop, become sustainable and life-enhancing, and result in marriage.

Beyond the Culture

Traditionally, most societies consider relationships from their cultural perspective. However, with the growth of the dating sites, people have moved beyond the time and place in building relationships with people from diverse cultures. People from different locations can now meet and date more easily without having to travel. For those who are only interested in the members of their cultures, there is a good choice of the potential partners with the desired qualities. By looking at the profiles of other people, a person can know their culture and understand them better depending on the national peculiarities.

These sites offer the users an opportunity to enjoy many options for searching; consequently, people can meet the best partners that they would not have met otherwise. For that reason, the number of mixed couples has increased, with people from all nations and colours intermarrying. For example, the number of the mixed couples in the United States has risen with the development of the dating sites. As a result, the ethical diversification has increased all over the world. Using the dating services, the users can read vivid descriptions of the singles and determine their suitability. The sites also provide an interface where the singles can communicate and learn more information about each other, giving them an opportunity to understand each other even better. Therefore, finding a person with similar interests and values, regardless of the culture, has become simple.

Sexual Liberation

The dating sites have speeded up the process of getting to know the singles. The online services have provided a revolution for single women and men to find sexual partners. The sex minorities: gays, lesbians and inter-sexed people have found liberation to get their partners contrary to the traditional settings, in which they were limited in the choice of mates. The Internet has also contributed to the spread of information about the intimate relationships between the same-sex people. The sex and gay clubs are experiencing a downturn because the online sites have provided a simple avenue where these people can meet and enjoy free communication. However, this progress has its price as the number of sexually transmitted diseases has sharply increased. However, people have now become aware of the HIV status and how to protect themselves and their partners.

Safety in Finding a Partner

The insecurity has risen, but the social communication technologies have also changed the way people meet and fall in love. Some individuals claim that it has increased insecurity, but I feel that it is the opposite. Online sites help people talk free with each other without the danger of being harmed because there is no room for physical contact over the Internet. The actual wooing and developing the relationship happens virtually. By the time people meet, they have already developed the ties between each other and learned the character of their partners. Other online dating sites give people the opportunity to write reviews on the suitability of the candidates so a person can search for the profiles and know the character of the person they are about to date.

Cheating Has Become Easy

Faithfulness is regarded a fundamental element if the partners want to have smooth relationships. However, the development of online dating where people can cheat without the knowledge of their partners has worsened the situation. Tthe divorce rates in the United States have doubled for the last 30 years. In 1980, only 7% of the singles were divorcees, but that number rose to 15.6% in 2009. The increase has been due to the online dating sites that have made cheating and infidelity easier. Nowadays, people involved in serious relationships are rare while most are interested in the casual relationships.

In addition, most of the information that people disclose in their profiles is usually inaccurate. People lie about their statuses, and most of the married men and women indicate their status as a single so that they can attract the new partners. The number of prostitutes in the streets has reduced because many of them can find the clients over these sites. Most of those interested in prostitutes are married people who are unhappy in their marriages. Finding a lover, whether single or married, has become simple. Moreover, the relationships are breaking as people find better matches via these online dating sites. However, the relationships of people, who network and get their perfect matches, are stronger.


Online dating is changing how people meet and build their relationships. A significant percentage of individuals in the relationship or married ones have met through the online dating sites. These online services offer a convenient and accessible way of meeting numerous singles who are out to look for their matches. People have become very busy to the extent that they cannot find time to mingle with each other expect online. In addition, many people can now access the Internet from their homes so getting personal online has become an accepted norm in the society. However, the ease of dating has its costs. The divorce rates have increased due to the infidelity of the partners. On the other hand, the number of happy marriages has also increased as many people can find the best matches online.

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John Howard 06/13/2019 01:52 PM CST

This is a very interesting approach which definitely deserves to be shared with so thank you very much for your positive contribution! I have to try it too.