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Your free daily love horoscope
Love Horoscope 06/14/2019 03:29 PM CST

If the energy of the past week has seemed intense and heavy, then this weekend offers a lighthearted reprieve, especially when it comes to love and relationships. One reason for this comes courtesy of the Moon moving to happy-go-lucky Sagittarius early Saturday morning.

With the Sagittarius Moon opposing flirty Venus in Gemini by Saturday night, the vibe of the day calls for some humor, wit, and a dose of spontaneity in our approach to dating and mating, with this theme continuing into Sunday as the Moon teams up with Jupiter in Sagittarius. However, with Mercury (Gemini's planetary ruler) in tenderhearted Cancer, we may still need to be a bit choosy when it comes to potential mates and dates. Above all, we should trust our intuition.

On Sunday morning, when Mercury in Cancer opposes serious Saturn in Capricorn, the party stops for a moment as some of us could get a reality check when it comes to someone we're dating or an ongoing relationship issue. Though before we go assuming the worst or making hard and fast decisions about a relationship, this Mercury-Saturn combination shows us where we may need to improve in communicating our feelings and needs, as well as where we can do better at listening.

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