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HP Printer Blue Screen Error: Detailed Guide to Fix it.
Portsfield 07/04/2019 07:00 PM CST

Hewlett Packard or HP is the leading manufacturer for the printers, laptop, desktop, and much more. All its products have gained the popularity due to its productivity, reliability, easy to use, advanced design, and lots more. HP Printer is one such brilliant product from HP Company, whose wireless printers are the new trend in the market. A high speed of printing, auto-duplex, multitasking, and lots more are some of the brilliant features of using it, but you may bump into certain common issues.

Though, none of the products are immune from the defects or flaws, so HP Printer isn’t exceptional in this field. It may also give you a certain nightmare with its problems. Among them, some of the problems are easy to resolve while some are rare and hard to get rid of them. HP Printer blue screen error is one such common problem which occurs when you attempt to connect it with your wireless network.

Here in this blog, you will get insight knowledge about the HP Printer blue screen error with the detailed steps to resolve it. You may also get to know about the reasons for such occurrences.

The symptoms for HP Printer flashing lights error

? HP Printer gets freezes and all lights on the control panel start blinking

? HP Printer gets freezes and shows up a blue screen error B84499132, B8473A86, Oxb83d210c on the control panel

The reason for the HP Printer lights flashing rapidly

? Due to the innumerable local Internet Service Provider (ISP) after the router firmware gets updated

? HP Printer driver has expired

? The network server is down

? The problem mostly happens when using Ubee router models EVW3226 and UVW321B

? Wireless network firmware is outdated

? HP Printer driver compatibility issue arises with the printer

? HP Printer has a manufacturing defect

The steps to fix HP Printer flashing lights while connecting to the wireless network

1. Make sure your wireless network firmware is updated.

2. Check whether the HP Printer driver has expired or not.

3. Uninstall the HP Printer driver, if it has met up with the expiry date.

4. Look for the new HP Printer driver and make sure you check the compatibility with the printer.

5. You need to look for the router’s IP address and follow the correct instructions to do so.

6. Try to reset the printer to remove any sort of network defects.

7. You can try HP Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct, which will help your printer to broadcast defined wireless connection.

8. You need to set up a new IP address for your HP Printer.
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