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Teachers Are Human, Too
Mixkey 10/05/2018 09:33 AM CST


In Arizona, they've currently got a law in committee debate that would require teachers, at all times, to be prim and proper.  Even in their off-hours.

This won't become law; it's flagrantly unconstitutional.  But teachers in particular get fired a lot for being, well, adults: drinking, wearing swimsuits, silly things like that.  But all of this raises an important question: when did it become OK to fire a grown adult for being a grown adult?

Teachers have it rough in general: you have to have a graduate education (which isn't cheap), be licensed by a state (which can be a frustrating process), find a job (which can involve moving across the country), and then spend your entire life working for wages that are way lower than most other industries.  Oh, and also, it's your job to educate hordes of screaming brats, and if they act like screaming brats, suddenly it's not the parents' fault, it's yours.

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And now you're telling them, Arizona, that they can't have a few beers, try to forget the day, and go out and have sex with a stranger on the weekends?

Yeesh.  No points for guessing which school system is going to be lagging in a few years.

Here's the thing: teachers do need to be on their best behavior at work.  But once they're off the clock, they shouldn't be held to a higher standard of behavior than the rest of us.  It's especially hypocritical because, let's face it, a lot of parents aren't exactly morally upright.  In fact, a good way to spot the awful people in your town is to attend a school board meeting and look for the people complaining about low moral standards in our schools.

So, let's try and treat teachers a little better.  Or at least not hold them to standards any higher than the ones we hold ourselves to.

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David Allen 10/11/2018 05:18 AM CST

It’s time the men let their opinions be heard by communicating representatives in the House. Let them understand they want custom essay company to support teachers and learning by choosing to reverse the veto of HB 252. Let them recognize they work for their components and not for the director.