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4 amazing tips to maintain proper formatting of your college essay
Paul Smith 07/12/2019 06:36 AM CST

By the time you are pursuing a college degree, it’s highly likely that you’re an expert at preparing an essay paper. But the essays prepared in schools and colleges are starkly different. The use of correct format is one such difference that students need to be careful about. After the hard work you put into preparing your college essay, you’d want to avoid losing marks on the format. This is also the reason students seek assistance from a credible college essay writing service.

Although maintaining a proper format may seem daunting, it’s simpler than it looks. On that note, let’s read through easy ways to turn in a precisely formatted college essay.

  1. Including a relevant title page

Your essay paper would be incomplete without an appropriate title page. The requirement for a suitable title page may vary depending on a specific course and its guidelines. Some professors are even particular about adding a proper title page. So, it’d be better to consult with your professor when you need help with your college essay. Given below are some of the factors that must be included in the essay paper.

  • The title
  • Your instructor's name
  • The course name
  • The date


  1. Mind your margins

They say it’s all in the little details when you’re writing a college essay, and margins happen to be one of them. However, even the most detail-oriented student can forget about adding proper margins. Think about it, did you pay attention to the margins while preparing your college essay? This is why experts on college essay help online emphasise on formatting.

It’s wise to keep a one-inch margin around the entire page of your essay. This way, it’ll be convenient for your professor to read and grade your papers.

  1. Spare a thought about font size and spacing

As a proper rule, all college essay papers, in general, are written in Times New Roman. In fact, it’s often a default font that can be found in every word processing application.

Whatever font you’re asked to choose will have to be double-spaced and in 12-pt size because that makes it convenient for your professor to read. This is a significant formatting rule that you must abide by if you want your essay paper to turn out well-formatted. If this guideline is not clearly mentioned within the syllabus of your course, then consult with the professor before proceeding to prepare the essay.

  1. Double check the citations

For a college essayy paper, not having a thoroughly formatted "Works Cited" page could lead to various consequences. The referencing page lists all of your sources in the alphabetical order by the author's last name.

Citing a source of evidence or research in your essay paper is a fairly simple thing to do. When you gather direct quotes, statistics, or other information from books, academic databases and journals, you need to prepare a detailed list. Then you can include the sources according to the guidelines mentioned by your department in college.  

When you religiously follow these rules of formatting, there’s no stopping you from scoring good grades.