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technology 10/10/2018 04:49 AM CST

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Chestie Man 10/24/2018 09:15 AM CST

"More sex and cynicism." As usual, the note from my handler was terse. OK, you want more sex and cynicism, I got just the lady to talk to.

Hi, would you care to introduce yourself?

Call me Shandi, that is my working name if this is going to be published. My real name is my business and no one elses.

OK Shandi, so what exactly do you do?

I am an exotic dancer at XXXXXX club (Name removed). Pole dances, lap dances, strip teases, escorting - I do it if the price is right.

What is the worst aspect of your job?

The hours are the worst part. My dance shift starts at 10 in the evening. On a bad evening, it is 8 sets of 20 minute pole dances with a 15 minute break between each set, and two hours trawling for lap dances. I usually finish at 3 AM. That is on a bad night. On a good night, I can be working until 7 AM or later.

What's the pay like?

Escorting is the easiest money. Some money man comes in, likes your looks during a set, and you get a fat fee for sitting with him, doing a little bit of physical contact, and drinking soda. Pole dancing is the worst paid, but gets you noticed. Lap dances, well, we all hope for a bunch of guys from the country in the big city for a stag night and a bit of sin. They always pay well.

A little physical contact?

Hon, I have a price for everything from cuddling to full sex. A lot of the girls in the club don't and I respect them for that, but I need the money too badly to miss any chance at all to earn.


My man - (and you better describe him like that) - came back from Afghanistan missing both legs. Not many places out there willing to hire a mechanic who is in a wheelchair. So I am it. We have two young children, what else am I supposed to do? Go on welfare? Beg the government to pay up on my man's disability? Grab a 9 to 5 that won't even pay the rent? While I have a decent body, I am gonna use it. My kids are going to have the chances I never did.

Sorry for that. What are the customers like?

Mostly sad losers. When we are dancing, the club has a very strict hands off policy. So they watch but can't touch, except to tuck the money in. Some of them are pretty creepy with that. I have been groped, fondled, and there is one guy, a regular, who tucks the money in then sniffs his fingers and gets off. In public. Luckily, the club is pretty harsh on the talent being mis-handled, so it never goes too far.

Your typical day?

I get up about 11. My man gets the children breakfast and off to school while I sleep. I normally eat something, we talk and cuddle for a bit, then I either go on a 5 mile run or to the gym for a couple of hours. (At this stage, Shandi gets up and twirls around) You don't keep a body in this shape by neglecting it. Then home, a short nap and a light meal with the kids and my man, bath them and read them their bed time story, then off to work again.

What would you say to those who say what you do is demeaning to women?

I'd tell them to F*** Off. If men are willing to pay for it, where is the harm? It is my body, after all. I will do what I wish.
And whatever it takes.


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