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5 Best Apps For Learning French In 2019
Robert Coleman 07/20/2019 05:28 AM CST

Learning the French language is as fancy and interesting as it seems. French is a classic language but is not as difficult to learn as long as you have your smartphone. Yes, you heard me right. Learning French is no longer a chaotic and daunting task. I have shortlisted some of the best apps that make the learning of the French language more easy and convenient.

1. Memrise

Memrise is one of the most innovative and effective apps when it comes to learning a new language. Memrise consists of various languages like French, Spanish, English, and more. Learning is quite fun and interesting in the app with mixed real-life content. The app is designed with absolute innovation, which makes learning a fun activity.

2. SpeakEasy

SpeakEasy is a phrase book app that consists of native speaker voices and phonetics of written words and expressions. The app is ideal for users if they visit France often but cannot speak French. In the app, the phase book consists of essential phrases on days of the week, meeting with people, French numbers, and more. The app helps in pronouncing French words correctly with its over 160 travel phrases and native speakers voice recording in it.

3. Busuu

Busuu is another excellent app to learn the French language. In the app, users get to know more French and other 12 major languages words, sentences, and phrases. Pronunciation of words becomes easy with voice recording of them. The app has more than 90 million users around the world who help Busuu’s community members with their native language. all in all, this is a good app for learning French.

4. FluentU

FluentU is another app to learn the French language if you are fed up with books. The app makes a new language learning experience very exciting with real-world videos. The app includes every other major language using in the world like Spanish, Russian, English, and French too. You can learn a language with music, videos, movie trailers, news, and motivational talks. Users come to know about new words with the exact pronunciation of it.

5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta is an award-winning app for teaching languages to its users in the most effective way ever. The app teaches you to think in a new language by connecting what you are seeing, and you are saying. Rosetta Stone app allows you to co-relate thoughts and words in one place. It becomes quite easy for users to understand the meaning of a new word, phrase, and much more. | |

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