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voice training
ajay 08/16/2019 03:33 AM CST

Today, communication and presentation skills are edging out tech savviness as the most critical skills in the workplace, as more and more tasks are being carried out by computers.


In fact, in most businesses, the ability to present information has become so important that the success of the organisation depends on how well corporate management presents its mission to employees and clients.

At every level of any organisation, the success of each unit is driven by how effective team leaders are in presenting and more importantly, delivering plans to galvanise their teams, and how adept each executive is in presenting ideas that convince their teammates, superiors and clients.


Brian is a communication and presentation skills expert who has a demonstrated history of hosting broadcast media programmes. The founder of Be The Voice, he believes that speaking well is an art that can be learnt and he is deeply passionate about mentoring individuals in harnessing their voice to communicate information and present ideas that influence and inspire.
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