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Technology in Education
Jullie Mark 10/29/2018 03:32 AM CST

Nowadays technology involves almost in every field either it is an educational or social development field and it grows more and more. If you will go in the previous some years and you note that there are so many problem students facing about their education. Like before some years a student must go to college and university to pay the fee and now they can pay online fee. Similarly, the student needs to go regularly to colleges and university but now there are so many options available to get an education like online education and in this education, technology to involve more and more.  There are so many students they need help to complete their hnd marketing assignments if they are doing hnd course so they can easily take help online by using mobiles and laptops and other accessories. Technology provides more ease to students in getting an education, they can get connect with their friends by using tech-based accessories. We can say that technology plays a vital role in the educational field.

Carolina Emory 11/02/2018 02:58 AM CST

Computers within the classroom; computers within the library. Computers in admin offices. Text electronic messaging across the room and college on cell phones that are quite phones. but there's a down aspect. clayton homes. Use to be that engineers had to try to all the mathematics themselves, however currently with computers they do not even have to try to the mathematics. the drawback is that if the electricity goes, the engineers cannot return to the previous approach of computation on paper.

alhumayd 12/14/2018 04:20 AM CST

now the technology become so much high, now the software tool and material tool is come like the learning from books is now the limited to the school every one have laptops and tabs and the most good and bad technology is mobile. this just distroy the future. but yes i love software base technology yesterday i have seen blog writing company in UAE, the other assignment service and the lots of business over here. the demand is high and i am happy to see that they helps for all busy people or other who may have some issue and those you not get a good rank. 

monica 02/08/2019 02:19 AM CST

educational technology is the ethical practice that what kind of technologies are available for education and how to use. because everything has flaws. now the educational technology has used both software and hardware form. in s small device you get your books and learn everywhere. even also lot's of services as the era goes they give like now Fast essay writing, essay helps assignments that provide your help in academic just the reason is you all to get grade goods. this technology is unbelievable even i never imagine about this but it's come and almost all users use this service.