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Get Rid of Quicken Has Stopped Working Problem with Quicken Support
Camila Martin 08/27/2019 02:16 AM CST

Every now and then, Quicken users are hit with an issue where quicken app quits without warning, and shows an error message “Quicken has stopped working”. Basically, this is a Windows generated error message which also displays that a problem is caused the Quicken program to stop working correctly or Windows is currently checking for a solution to the issue”. When you retry to open Quicken after the application quits it then you will see same error message again. According to the Quicken Support experts, sometimes Quicken doesn’t even throw any error message and just start to freeze. If you are also facing such error where your Quicken is not responding or has stopped working completely, then you need to follow the below points for detailed troubleshooting instructions.

Geet Kulkarni 09/03/2019 01:17 AM CST

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