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Create Hotmail account
Jane 11/16/2018 10:25 PM CST

You need to create hotmail account. It's totally simple. In this post, I  will guide you the way to sign up for Hotmail login.  
How to create Hotmail account?
Step 1: Firstly, you access Outlook official site and select "Create one" to check in.
Step 2: Secondly, you choose the name for your account and fill in the blank.
Step 3: Thirdly, click next and choose your own password. Note: you can choose strong password including letters, numbers and special character if you want to secure your account. 
Step 4: Fill your First name and Last name.Then click "Next".
Step 5: Then, choose country/region and your birthdate
Step 6: You finish the requirement of hotmail captcha to ensure that you are human, not a robot. 
Finally, you complete all the steps and you can start to use you hotmail account instantly. 
Have a good day!

Ada Hawkins 11/20/2018 07:01 PM CST

Now I know how to create this account. And you can use these write essay tips. I will share them with you a bit later.