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Cosmetic Surgery Treatments in India
Akhil 09/18/2019 03:25 PM CST

In today’s scenario, irrespective of the gender, both men and women undergo plastic surgery to improve their appearance and bolster their self-esteem. This surge in the number of individuals opting surgeries to improve the appearance is a result of increased consciousness about the looks. With the help of Best Cosmetic Surgery in India, people are able to get the desired appearance and shape. The field of cosmetic improvement and enhancement is an industry that is constantly moving forward and bringing new technological breakthroughs to the medical marketplace. However, in some cases, these procedures are done for medical reasons to improve an imperfection or to promote better health. Therefore, it is important to differentiate between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

Understanding the Difference Between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

• Plastic surgery is an invasive surgical procedure dedicated to repairing defects of function and/or form. Cosmetic surgery can be included under the scope of plastic surgery

• Plastic surgery, in general, encompasses many types of reconstructive procedures. You normally wouldn't think of cosmetic surgery including reconstructive procedures, such as skin grafts for burn victims.

• The only difference is that Plastic surgery is performed to improve the functionality as opposed to cosmetic surgery that is done to enhance appearance.