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Netgear Router Not Working After Power Outage
customerservice1 09/20/2019 12:14 AM CST

 Several users have confronted the issue of their Netgear Router not working after a power outage. In a situation like this, the users have the option of following the below-given steps to resolve the malfunction:

  • The user has to check that the electrical outlets of the router have been properly grounded.
  • It is also advised that the users run the router through the surge outlet, especially the ones which is used most of the time.
  • Ensure that all the equipment is dust-free; there are several instances where dust might cause the clog in the device.
  • Try and avoid overheating. Overheating damages the device easily and to prevent this an internal or external cooler is suggested.

If the users are unable to resolve this issue using the above-given steps, then the users have the option of contacting Netgear phone number. This function is accessible by the users on a 24-hour basis.