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What is the American Customer Service liability limitations for lost baggage?
nickolas smith 09/26/2019 02:38 AM CST

American Customer Service takes responsibility for the baggage and offers liability for lost baggage (some restrictions may apply). These are the following liability limitations for lost baggage:- • For domestic travel- Liability for loss, delay or damage to bags is limited under 4000 dollars.• For international travel- Liability limitation is based on the Montreal Convention and applicable international tariffs Additional insurance- If the item in the baggage is worth more than the bag liability limitations, passengers can also buy an additional insurance for checked bags at the ticket counter.AA excess valuation insurance guidelines are:• Covers for lost bags only• Passengers must purchase insurance for each carrier listed on your itinerary Responsibility- the airline will not take responsibility for Items not packed properly, and loss, damage or delay due to a security search led by local, state or federal agencies.For ticket booking and the latest discounts, visit American Reservations now.