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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and the Half-Mad Mind
Samanta Woods 10/10/2019 09:32 AM CST

Looking at the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), people usually consider it as something slight and insignificant. They think that compared to megalomania and schizophrenia, the OCD is just a little deviation from a regular line of behavior. People find funny to observe how someone diagnosed with OCD makes tricks with avoiding non-existence dangers and making unnecessary repetitions. According to the image created by films and serials, a person with OCD is just an amusing eccentric who finds light discomfort from own abnormality. That is why there is no need to feel sorry for him or her. For the people who are not accustomed to OCD, it might seem unusual that the article devoted to this ailment comprises the action that develops around the death of a young man who committed suicide. Having no obvious reasons for killing himself, this outwardly successful man with OCD diagnosis finds his life so unbearable that he decides to finish it by own will. It shows how the external side of the life might differ from the internal side. It attracts attention to the people who are doomed to live with OCD.

It is noteworthy that the tragedy took place not in a large city but a small town with old foundations. The local traditions are not welcome to the people who demonstrate own mental disorders in public. In order to avoid mocking, such people are forced to keep their problems in secret. The only people they could trust are their relatives and people with the same problems. In contrast to other psychical disorders, patients with OCD realize own crises, they understand that something is wrong with them. They see that they should not do something, but cannot avoid not doing it. They fight hard with the disease, but usually do it alone. The main hero did it as well as he could, but unfortunately lost. If surrounding people understood him, maybe he would be still alive.

The author introduces us to the striking information that there are several million adults with OCD in the USA. All these people need special attitude from the society and medicine, but the reality seems rather different. The name of the main character is John Kelly. John visits various clinics and contacts numerous doctors. Sometimes, he feels better, but relief is temporary. In some cases, he faces an inexplicable negligence, as if he deals with minor problems. Although there are millions of cases all over the country, the cause of the disease is still unknown, and there are no effective means against this ailment, as though medics do not care about it. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in making of such medicine because they are interested in own profits. The result of such negligence is that people are still suffering.

The situation might seem hopeless except for people who care. The father of John started a campaign with the aim of attracting attention to the people with OCD. He travels across the country and tells about his son and the way he died. He is convinced that people around should know that such problem as OCD exists, and that this trouble concerns not only single characters but the whole society. He is trying to convey that every parent should feel responsibility because there is a real risk that he or she might be in the same situation. He believes that if he drives public attention to this problem, it might be overcome by joint efforts.

Thus, I can say that the main idea of the article is that there is no someone else's grief. People do not have to fight with their trouble alone. Society should know about them and provide all possible assistance. People should not be guided only by own interests. Sometimes they have to think about others. If people suffer and realize it, they need help, even if their behavior looks fun. Such problems are relevant to millions in more or less degree.

I agree with such attitude in general, but I think that every rule has its exceptions. There are a number of problems that could not be resolved by collective efforts, and OCD might be one of them. Author takes as granted that the attention attraction will help, but it may be otherwise. I think that the key fight should be not in public meetings but research laboratories and consulting rooms. It was useless to draw attention to such diseases, for example, as smallpox and plague until it became possible to cure them, thanks to the happy occasion or adequate development of medical science. Everybody knows that the human brain is a very complex mechanism, and a proper medicine might not be available at the present stage of the development of science. Notwithstanding that the cancer and influenza have long been in a spotlight, they are still dangerous, and there are no effective drugs against them. It might happen that persistent investigations would be useless, and only good luck would help. Imagine the situation when Newton is forced to open his law of gravity or Darwin – his theory of evolution. Public pressure might be dangerous if it leads to rush decisions. Such thing as drugs without proper approbation and with unknown side effects, created for the sake of public opinion, might be of no less harmful than OCD itself. On the other side, if we do nothing and just wait, the result will be zero.

I think that an accurate balance should be between the social initiative and natural development of science. There is no need to push the progress, it moves obeying natural laws. The public shows a problem, and scientists resolve it. The article was written and submitted by the professional writer from restaurant server resume example service - Samanta Woods.

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