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AOL Gold Download | AOL Gold Desktop download
AOL Gold Download 10/16/2019 04:34 AM CST

AOL Gold download, which is included in the membership plan of AOL Advantage Plan members, is highly secure desktop software that is currently being used by millions of users. You can search, browse content, access email, and do a lot more tasks under one roof. The software gets update automatically; in other words, there is no need of updating it manually.

To start using the software, the first thing you have to do is to download it. Even if you are a member of the AOL Advantage Plan or AOL Free Trial Membership, you have to perform the steps for the AOL Gold Desktop download. In the first case, go to the MyBenefits section and download the AOL Gold Desktop from there.

However, if you were using it for free for a period of 30-days, then purchase the software and then download it from the My Accounts section after logging in to your AOL Account.