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Fix HP Printer Offline
Wilson paddy 02/07/2019 12:06 PM CST

When we say our HP Printer is offline, we mean that printer has lost the connection. Although the printer is connected as well as operating, but it has lost communication with the computer. The word Offline depicts that printer has lost the ability to print.

When you feel that your printer has lost communication with the computer, you can verify that following these steps:
  -In the Windows Computer, select Start
  -Then settings
  -Then Devices and finally select Printers and Scanners
  -By clicking here, you can if your printer is offline or not


Why My HP Printer Is Offline?

If there is a gap in network communication while using HP Printer? Are you facing problems while printing new pages? Is your HP printer not working properly?

You might be suffering from a common printer problem i.e. Printer In Offline Mode

It’s not only the windows users that face offline printer error but people with mac operating system also get stuck with this printer offline problem.

Well, it’s the network connectivity that can make your HP Printer Offline. If your printer has lost wifi connection or LAN connection, it can go offline and stop printing. Feel free to contact us because we are here for help you.