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hebo fox 02/06/2020 12:12 AM CST


Description :

taasoft 40mg dhas long waited for a generic version of Tadalafil tablet, now in a chewable medicine form. It is intended to treat such as Erectile Dysfunction or impotency. Erectile Dysfunction is a condition when a man is not competent to erect enough to make sexual intercourse effectively.This condition correlates with a modern lifestyle, lack of movement and poor nutrition. Tadasoft 40 is competent of completely treating Erectile dysfunction and bring men back their best in relationships. Buy Tadasoft works as smooth muscles relaxant and fills the phallus with blood. 


Use :

Tadasoft  40mg Tablet is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).


How to take TADASOFT 40 MG Capsules ?

No matter what a drug containing tadalafil may be called, it is the same as Cialis if it makes use of the same active principle. Tadasoft medicine 40mg lasts for 36 hours after it has taken effect, so there is no need to exceed the maximum dose of one every day.eatTadasoft orally 15 minutes before sexual activity with a glass of water.


How Does TADASOFT 40 MG Work ?

tadasoft tablet is a phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitor. It works in erectile dysfunction by increasing blood stream to the penis by relaxing the muscles in penile blood vessels. It works in pulmonary hypertension by relaxing the blood vessels in the lungs to allow blood to flow more easily.


Side Effects :

  • Headache,
  • Nausea,
  • Nasopharyngitis,
  • Flushing,
  • Dyspepsia,
  • Muscle pain,
  • Back pain,
  • Pain in extremity.

Dosage :

Missed Dose

Tadasoft 40 mg can be taken whenever you need . You need to remember to take it before the carnal intercourse. If you miss this dose Skip the dose never take the another dose.



You must call your physician or reach nearby medical facility immediately if you are suspecting any symptoms due to overdose like prolonged and painful erection more than 4 hrs.


Warning :

Allergy : This medicine is not recommended for use if you have a known history of tadasoft 20 mg or any other component present in the dosage form.


Pregnancy : This tablet is not recommended for use in pregnant lady. Appropriate contraception should be used to avoid getting pregnant during treatment with this medicine. Contact your doctor and discuss the risks if pregnancy is suspected.


Breastfeeding : This medicine is not recommended for use in breastfeeding women unless important. All the risks and benefits should be discussed with the physician before using this medicine.


Blood-pressure : Tadalafil 40 mg can cause your blood pressure to drop suddenly to an uncertain level if it is taken with certain other drugs. You could get dizzy, weak, or have a heart assault.


Storage :

Store Tadasoft at room temperature away from light and humidity. Do not store Tadalafil tablets in the bathroom.


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