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Advantages and Disadvantages of School Uniform
Mark Rangel 02/11/2020 07:01 AM CST

In many countries debates about positive and negative sides of clothes uniformity for students have been occurring for decades. Opponents assert that there is no place for individuality at schools where students wear school uniform. However, supporters are united in their opinion about the need to introduce official clothing style at schools. On the one hand, annual costs for the purchase of trousers, skirts, and jackets for the grown-up children may seem an unjustified item of expenditure. Nevertheless, it is mentioned that not everyone understands the power of unifying potential of single standard clothes for students. It should be noted that an important objective of school uniforms is to make children equal, despite the fact that they are born and reared in families with different levels of income. The purpose of the paper is to study positive and negative sides of school uniforms.

Advantages of School Uniform

There is a great number of advantages of school uniform. First of all, daily strict lifestyle in terms of clothing has a positive effect on student’s responsibility and seriousness. A student is not distracted by personal appearance and does not try to follow the fashion of his/her peers. By wearing special clothes, a student is immediately adjusted to the studying process and shows positive results. There was conducted a scientific research, which showed that process essay ideas for students in schools with uniform learn better. Experts believe that it is associated with the fact that children are not distracted by discussing clothing. School uniform makes them behave more seriously inside the institution and reduces the time, which is spent by a child on deciding what to wear to school today.

School uniform does not ruin the balance in financial security and, thus, improves the behavior of students by reducing conflicts associated with financial differences and making children more united. It is one of the most significant benefits of school uniform. In this way, conflicts regarding taste and fashion disappear. The US Department of Education, which has been concerned with the issue of introduction of school uniforms for several decades already, orders scientific researches on this subject with a persevering regularity. According to one of them, children begin to behave better because of a school uniform. They fight and tease each other less in comparison with schools without a uniform, where parents from poor families cannot afford buying fashionable clothes for their children. Besides, children feel commonness with those, who go to the same school. This has the effect of unifying all aspects of the community, it promotes pride in appearance and self respect as well as respect for the school and its image. The article 20 Disadvantages and Advantages of School Uniforms states that “There can be a better sense of unity because everyone will wear the same clothes and they have a single identity”. Uniform allows everyone to feel equal, at least at school. When students wear school uniform, conflict situations regarding one’s background are practically nullified. In addition, school uniform is beneficial due to economic reasons. Uniforms, regardless of their price, are still less expensive than other casual clothes. In the article Advantages and Disadvantages of School Uniforms, it is noted that “Parents also save quite a bit of money, not having to buy the latest clothing for their child”. Moreover, most of his/her time child spends at school and, therefore, subsidiary items of casual clothing should not be renewed very often.

School uniforms do not give a reason to excessive rivalry. The diversity and freedom in clothing encourages students not to gain knowledge but rather to compete with peers and attract their attention. Girls’ open dresses and boys’ eccentric clothes in high school obviously do not create the right atmosphere for studying.

Disadvantages of the School Uniform

Despite of numerous important benefits, school uniforms also have certain disadvantages. Moreover, according to some people, they greatly outweigh all positive aspects. The first drawback is that school uniform does not allow students to express and reveal their identity. In case of school uniforms, creative expression through clothing is not realized. From a psychological point of view, it can suppress the desire of a child to have freedom of expression and, thus, in future it will make a student merge with the crowd. There is also one essential disadvantages connected with the fact that school uniform has become a part of the erotic culture. Girls in a uniform become objects of sexual desire. It is sometimes unsafe to walk along the streets in these clothes. Therefore, there are also several disadvantages of school uniforms that are considered very important.

In conclusion, according to the described pros and cons of school uniform, it is clear that advantages still prevail. School uniform increases discipline, encourages children to accept social norms, and fosters students to respect educational process. In future these qualities will be useful, as they can be applied in working environment, because disciplined balance and order at work are also very important. The disadvantages of school uniform include the lack of possibility for self-expression among students, who wear it, and the erotic cult of this type of clothes. It can be seen that there are both advantages and disadvantages of school uniform and, thus, the school management should carefully study them in order to make a right decision.