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What Makes Me Happy
Lily Brown 04/19/2019 06:14 AM CST


I am satisfied with my current life in the USA since I have emigrated from Cuba with my mother. Our time in Cuba was always shrouded in secrecy and constant fear of the authoritarian regime there. It was a dark moment since persecutions were rampantly orchestrated by the Cuban authorities, especially if any relative or parent of yours had been jailed for political reasons. Since my father was imprisoned, the government authorities began to monitor our day-to-day activities for the fear that we would undermine the Cuban government. As a result, I grew up without a father. Furthermore, this situation was further made worse by the fact that my sister was married; and thus, she was not present to given me encouragement and company during those trying times. Nevertheless, my mother happens to be the only person who has mentored, inspired and encouraged me throughout those dark times in Cuba and even after immigrating to the USA. In the essay, I will write about my own experience of what makes me happy.

Since my father was jailed, and my sister was married, my mother became the most influential figure during my entire life in Cuba. I remember she worked hard to take care of me, this fact has always inspired my efforts in life. She performed so many chores for me such as cooking, buying and washing my clothes, and helping me cope during illnesses, especially when I had flu that always demanded intense bed rest. However, life in Cuba continued to be tough since my mother was not employed. We depended on the small earnings and savings she was able to generate from her small stall; savings that were dwindling each day as the Cuban economy become worse.

Consequently, we felt the need to move to the USA. I have spent most of my teenage years in this country and, so far, they are the most fulfilling times of my life. Unemployment in America is quite low, and my mother was able to find work easily. Thus, she is able to take care of us and educate me to my current education level (high school). Even though our life in America has its challenges, it is full of freedom and satisfaction compared to our life in Cuba.

Since my mother is currently my sole family mentor, she has done a great deal in replacing the role my sister would have played. For instance, she has helped me define happiness according to my understanding. She often says, “Let nothing make you moody when you can be able to eat, sleep, have friends and go to school. Can’t you see this is a fulfilling life?” It has influenced my understanding of life’s happiness to a great extent. I am happy whenever I decide to see beyond the flaws in life and give them an optimistic view.

Anyway, despite the implications of the difficult and patronizing life we lived in Cuba, life in America has really made my mother and myself connect at a personal level. Unlike in Cuba where she was always busy looking for work or operating her small stall. Now she has a full-time job and comes home to help me cook and do my homework. Since my father is absent from my life, she will continue to mentor me into my adult years. For instance, by giving me an optimistic view and defining happiness for me, she has helped me live a fulfilling life while interacting with my age-mates both at home and in school.

About the author: Lily Brown is a master in English philology and literature at California University. Lily is currently working as one of the best writers at the She also studies feminine psychology.

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