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Various goodies from bees Beautiful in the queen style
jiraporn66 03/16/2020 05:22 AM CST

Bee venom. If talking about bee venom, many people may listen and feel strange. And seems dangerous But did you know That it is the best Botox from nature The ancient people have used bee venom for 5000 years ago. It can be said that since the era of Cleopatra, Greece and ancient China, bee venom was obtained from the stings of bees that are mixed into the cream. And when the cream penetrates into the skin, it will feel tight on the skin like this, as if it tricked our body into being stung by a bee, our body would pump blood to the exposed area. And like this, it is like stimulating the skin to produce collagen and elastin That comes from nature Royal jelly. Royal jelly is a classic supplement. That people like to eat for a long time This royal jelly is not milk. But is a source of proteins, vitamins, including 17 amino acids, very rich Helps to fight against aging for women And reduce oiliness on the face Which is the cause of acne And adding clarity on the face to women, naturally beautiful>> slotxo