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What is a multi-personality disorder?
jiraporn66 03/19/2020 04:00 AM CST

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a type of psychiatric disorder in the group of disorders of the disease. (Dissociative Disorders) is currently changing its name to multiple identity diseases. (Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID), but most people are more familiar with the name of the disease than many personality. The term "Identity" means the sum of the characteristics of something that makes it known or Remember, usually, we have only one identity. But people with multiple personality disorders or multiple identity diseases Often has more than one identity As a result of the mental process (mental process) makes the consciousness, thoughts, memories, emotions, actions and acceptance of one's identity completely. Disjointed Patients with this disease therefore exhibit discontinuous behavior and emotions. Or having a split personality As if many people were in one body  >> slotxo