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The Native American Culture
Adrian Daley 03/20/2020 09:53 AM CST

First of all, it needs to be said that cultural traditions of the Native Americans played a certain role in the formation of the American culture, and one should not understate the extent and significance of cultural borrowing in the current period. This paper will describe and analyze the influences of Native American culture on the current American culture by the example of music, traditional clothes, and style

The music of the indigenous US population is mostly monotonous. Dancing and folk songs are usually accompanied by different kinds of drums, rattles and wind instruments since the rhythm is more important to this music than melody. The play of the flute or pipe made of wood, cane or bone is also very popular. Over the past years, many Native American singers, such as Tori Amos, Gene Clark, Redbone and others, have been recognized as representatives of the American popular music. Indian motifs complement modern rhythms in both music and text; vocal and instrumental ensembles and performers from Chippewa and Navajo are a good example of such combination. In the early 80s of the twentieth century, the American record company released more than a hundred plates of this kind of music. Furthermore, in 1998, there was introduced the Grammy Award for the Best Native American Music Album. As one can see, the music of Native Americans is widespread and well-known in the modern American world of music.

National Native American costumes are popular in many parts of North and South America. Due to the Native American cultural festivals, people can become acquainted with clothes, jewelry, crafts, dancing, music, and they are even able to participate in a particular festive event. Nowadays, the use of non-traditional ethnic motifs of Native Americans becomes more popular. For instance, one of the leading fashion designers Mary McFadden creates and demonstrates products imbued with the spirit of the Inca civilization. She uses a great number of specific traditional elements of men's and women's jewelry, hats decorated with feathers and beads, special unordinary Indian shoes and clothes. Thus, using the modern materials, she creates the image of modern India and thereby popularizes Indian cultural traditions among modern Americans. The latter show a deep interest in the traditional Indian clothing and for plenty of them, these clothes become commonplace in their daily lives.

Another sphere of the Native American borrowing includes hairstyles and love of tattoos. The modern stylists are increasingly using such Indian traditional element as Mohawk. As the indigenous population of America, modern Americans often shave their head, leaving a strip of hair, which begins from the forehead and ends with a neck. The aim of such a haircut is to make hair sticking up. Coloring the Mohawk is also a widespread practice among the population. Besides, it becomes again popular to have such a long native hair as Native Americans have, and it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. Furthermore, a large percentage of people do tattoos on different parts of the body, which is a direct borrowing from Indian culture. Of course, goals and current pictures of tattoos are significantly different from those that were several centuries ago, but more important is the fact that the very tradition of this element is preserved to this day.

In conclusion, Indian influence on both American and world culture is surely not limited to the borrowings of music, clothing, jewelry, types of hairstyles and tattoos. Nevertheless, these are the main examples of a transformation of Indian elements in contemporary world culture, which is a fusion of many cultures of the world.