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Allergic to condoms, the true story or excuse of men not wanting to put on a condom
jiraporn66 03/22/2020 03:32 AM CST

Can men really be allergic to condoms? Many people are wondering if they have allergic reactions to condoms, as well. I would like to answer that they are true, but in most cases the allergy is caused by an allergy to latex in the condom. Rubber It is very popular as it is the most allergic to condoms. They are easy to find in the market and they are distributed freely for free. Condom losers will have a itchy appearance. Red rash on the genitals The symptoms will occur after sex within 48 hours, but these symptoms can disappear by themselves. For those who are allergic to condoms, it is recommended to change the type of condom to be made from polyuretane, which is made from plastic. And does not contain spermicidal substances (Spermicide), so there is no risk of allergic reactions and irritation. Click at all. >> pgslot