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The "hate vegetables" are not because they do not like But probably because the genes of "genetic"
jiraporn66 03/23/2020 03:30 AM CST

People have different likes and dislikes, depending on the individual. But one thing that can clearly divide people into two types, one is those who eat vegetables and those who hate vegetables. Which for some people, not eating vegetables may not even be because of the taste, because they have never tasted Just don't like the look of those vegetables and those who don't like vegetables because they think that the vegetables are not tasty at all Do you know that the feeling that vegetables are not delicious may be because your genes make you super Taster. Super Taster is the nature of people who are more sensitive and bitter. This taste is often found in almost all green leafy vegetables. In addition, people with genes that are more bitter than the average person will find dark beer, chocolate, coffee, and most people's favorite tastes too bad. >> สล็อตxo