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"Beetroot juice" helps the muscles recover from exercise.
jiraporn66 03/25/2020 02:39 AM CST

Beet beet red-purple color that many people are familiar with. Especially useful for people who like to exercise hard. Because of the findings from the University of Northumbria in England Beetroot is a super food that helps the muscles recover from exercise by a team of scientists doing research on this subject with 30 men aged 18-17 who exercise at least 2 days a week. The subjects were to jump 100 times in a row to exercise the leg muscles and then to drink beetroot for 3 consecutive days, divided into 3 groups. The first group drink B. Ruth volume of 250 ml, group 2 drinking beetroot juice, 125 ml, and group 3 with placebo beetroot calories. And carbohydrates like beetroot Dr Tim Clifford, the research team leader said that the experiment found that The group that consumed the highest amount of beet juice had more physical recovery than those who drank beetroot water by 18 percent, and both groups who drank beetroot felt the same way to help alleviate the pain of Muscles can additionally Beetroot also has other benefits. As well as helping to eliminate toxins from the body Rich in antioxidants And also has a low amount of fat and calories. Which is especially suitable for people who like to exercise >> สล็อตxo