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A guide to decorating your house for spring
Alice 05/21/2019 08:12 AM CST

Following a number of simple home improvement tips could see you create a fantastic, comfortable and altogether more relaxing living environment that will improve your Best home decor ideas UK value and usher in the designs that people desire in their property.

Hardwood flooring is a fantastic example of this. After all, most carpets have seen better days and as such, it’s worth getting rid of them and installing a new underfoot surface – one that people love the look and feel of. Popular for generations, hardwood flooring or other styles of laminates have always been known to add value to a home, while also providing durability and ease of repair; it can also be refinished and stained in a number of colours. Location presenter Phil Spencer is a fan of wooden flooring and explains why in this interview with the Telegraph on adding value to your home. He believes that they are especially suitable for families as they take away the problem of damage from the inevitable spills, stains and muddy footprints, as “this has to be a lot more relaxing than hovering with a damp cloth and bottle of carpet-stain remover,” Phil explains.

Lighting should be another thing that will benefit from change. During spring, natural light starts to enter the home in much greater amounts – particularly after the clocks go forward. Take advantage of this and consider the installation of blinds. Whether they’re wooden, metal or fabric offerings, they give a whole new feel to a house and again add to a house’s value.

Obviously, decluttering the home is always a wonderful thing to do, even if it’s just for the sake of having a clear-out and getting rid of things you don’t need any more. Creating space in the home is something many people find difficult, but an investment in shelves, drawers under beds and couches, or stacking boxes can go a long way in making your house cleaner and more open.

Finally, if your budget is low, consider investing in rugs. These are fantastic if you want to throw something over stained or worn flooring, though they’re also perfect for adding a whole new feel to a room by changing the colour scheme. Alternatively, if you already have them down as an aesthetic fixture, think about removing them all and streamline the look and feel of the home. It may only be a tiny change, yet it creates a simple and somewhat fresh look.