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4 ideas to make your assignment more appealing
Kady smith 05/29/2019 05:29 AM CST

Have you always wondered why your grades aren’t improving despite making genuine efforts? Maybe it’s the way you write your assignment. Now you are probably told that your academic paper should always be formal and factual, but it has to be appealing as well. So, the obvious question that arises is how to make your assignment interesting? Here are some ideas straight from the experts on custom assignment help that you’ll find useful.

  1. Incorporate brilliant details

A dull topic is a death-knell for your academic papers. Some subjects or topics tend to be naturally dry. So, it’s on you to prepare your academic paper in such a way that makes it appealing. If you need more advice on preparing appealing custom assignments, you can check various online forums.

In this case, you can try finding intriguing information to include, which will breathe life into the topic a bit. This will also make the information easier to relate to. Now one pertinent way to approach a dull topic is to make the ideas seem relevant to the real world, so the readers will relate with it easily. This is a great idea that even custom assignment writing experts online swear by.

  1. Active voice for greater appeal

It’s possibly the oldest known trick in the book, but using the active voice instead of the passive will make your writing more intriguing. The use of active voice leads to more direct, enthusiastic writing that makes the readers feel more 'at the moment'.  

Sadly, it’s usual for many students to employ the passive voice with the belief that it makes their writing sound more intellectual. But, in reality, it makes their written piece come across as boring. 

  1. Employ creative writing methods

There’s a limit to the amount of creativity you can infuse when you’re writing an academic paper. This is because assignments should ideally be objective, factual and balanced, which shouldn’t be treated like a story. However, you can still apply some story-telling principles to make your paper more appealing.

For example, just like the opening sentence or paragraph of a novel, the introductory paragraph of your assignment is vital for making your readers curious about the rest of the assignment. So, begin with an attention-grabbing 'hook' to draw the readers in, like an intriguing snippet of information or a rhetorical question, etc.

  1. Trim the fluff

Nothing hampers the interest of the readers like unnecessary rambling. Now you tend to add fluff into the content of your academic papers if you don’t have absolute clarity about what you want to convey. It’s also important for you to think carefully about how you’re going to structure your argument. Carrying out precise research properly and preparing an outline before you begin with the writing will help prevent this issue.

You should also pay attention to editing as it’s an integral part of the academic custom writing process.  Once you’ve put together the first draft, edit out the fluff.

Implementing these ideas will ensure you don’t fall behind in class.