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13 Little Things You Can Do To Get A Guy To Notice You
Malik 09/20/2018 11:07 AM CST

I've blogged about this before but the question remains popular, so let me make another list, this one short and sweet and to the point. Read it. Learn it. Live it. And remember--when it comes to attraction, little things have the most power.

1. Smile.

2. Remember his name.

3. Be nice. Not just to him, but to everyone.

4. Make jokes, or at least be able to appreciate others' wit. A good sense of humor is critical to attraction.

5. Touch him. Guys like it when you touch us.

6. Show confidence. Walk with your head up. Make eye contact. Smile. If you don't feel it, fake it until you do.

7. Speak intelligently. Use good grammar and vocabulary.

8. Don't gossip or talk smack about people behind their backs. Total turn-off.

9. Smell good. Subtly.

10. Compliment him, but only if it's genuine.

11. Read. It will make you better at conversation.

12. Be yourself; don't dress, talk, act like everyone else. No one else is better at being you than you.

13. Do these in moderation. You aren't desperate and shouldn't appear so.

See? It's not complicated. 

Good luck.


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