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Business Intelligence Software
Eaton Turner 05/30/2019 02:38 AM CST


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A business Intelligence Software is a business tool that is useful in business data analysis and giving of a better comprehension of strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need attention. The software will also aid in drawing a correlation between different organizational data to enhance better decision making by ensuring that resources have been well utilized. Business intelligence software is important in fostering a strategic planning process of an organization. It is also vital to acknowledge that the software is collectively a package comprising of business systems, methodologies, and software applications. For the purpose of this research, the business software that will be discussed is the tableau desktop.

Characteristics and Advantages of Tableau Desktop

Tableau desktop is business intelligence software whose vendor is tableau. The essence of this software is to enhance fast analytics and deliver rapid-fire business intelligence. Most organizations prefer embracing this software because it can create dashboards and visualization in seconds and share or transmit data within a very short time. The software does not necessarily require any programming in the course of data transmission. The featured checklist of this software is made up of performance metrics, predictive analytics, key performance indicators, dashboard, benchmarking, and problem indicators.

The product is nice in its economic value because of its enhanced visualization as well as data analysis. When using this software for the first time, most organizations prefer to use it at the staff level and then push it up to managers, principals, directors, and other partners. Even though the tableau desktop is the main product offered by tableau, the company also has other brands namely tableau server, tableau online, tableau public, and tableau reader. The company distributes products to its customers free of charge. However, for tableau server and tableau desktop, users are expected to pay for the products after a free trial that does not exceed fourteen days. The latest version of this software is tableau desktop 9.

The predominant characteristic of tableau desktop is the ability to intertwine with other data types and conform to every aspect of business intelligence. The software can also enhance easy and better self-service with solutions that complement organizational objectives. The other characteristic of the business intelligence software is its ability to leverage data and provide data care, while reducing organizational costs and delivering more value.

The advantage of tableau desktop is that it delivers useful analytics through drawing collaboration between business stakeholders and understanding of information technology. Another advantage is that the software can establish a hierarchy of metrics reference models that can be used to benchmark organizational objectives. In addition, the software has the ability to strategize organizational data through the instigation of organized data presentation models. Tableau desktop as a business intelligence solution will automatically create updated reports, thus getting rid of errors such as omissions, errors, and duplicate information.

The disadvantage of tableau desktop is that it is technical business intelligence software whose implementation is time-consuming. The software does not recognize the concept of versioning, which is a change in management issue. As a result, previous versions cannot be recovered. The other disadvantage is that the software cannot be used with requiring assistance from an expert well versed in SQL. Assistance becomes useful whenever the user wishes to establish connections pertinent to a database. Tableau has been among the first companies to stop supporting WikiLeaks as soon as the US Embassy cables were established.

A Success Story of How Toyota Is Benefiting From Tableau Desktop

Brief History

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company that has specialized in manufacturing automotives. It is a multinational corporation based in Japan and embraces a marketing technique of ensuring quality of production and laying emphasis on positive experiences. The strategic positioning of Toyota Motor Corporation has been targeting a high volume market by selling its automotives at moderately low prices. The main competitor of Toyota is General Motors Company, Ford Motor Company, and Honda Motor Co. LTD. The cost reduction strategy of Toyota involves embracing technology and innovation by adopting technological developments, as well as internet activities.

Porter’s Five Model Analysis for Toyota

In regards to threats of new entrants, the automobile industry is a high tech industry and new entrants will be required to invest large sums of capital. In addition, intensive technology will be required to keep up with companies that are currently dominating the automotive industry. As for the bargaining unit of its suppliers, Toyota is among the leading automotive manufacturers in the industry and it fulfils a major role to its suppliers as one of their stakeholders. In this respect, it considers wellbeing of its suppliers by building ample and healthy business relationships that conform to their needs.

In regards to the intensity of rivalry, the automotive industry has been facing a cut-throat competition. Major competitors such as Ford have sufficient resources to fulfil customer needs and this intensifies the competition. The bargaining power of customers is influenced by the fact that there is a high number of substitutes, which increases their bargaining power. In addition, there is also a significant threat of substitutes because manufacturers are producing similar products with little differentiation to serve customer’s specifications.

Objectives before Using the Application

Objectives that Toyota had before using tableau desktop was to develop robust mobile clients, instigate touch-optimized controls, and see to it that visualizations could stream automatically, especially for mobile devices. The company was also looking forward to turning its raw tabulated data into something useful that its stakeholders could comprehend. This would include visualizations where the data would be turned into easily understandable high clarity pictures.

Selecting the Right System

While selecting the right system, Toyota Corporation had to ensure that the chosen software would have the ability to manipulate its data without necessitating for advanced training. Moreover, the company was also looking for a business intelligence system that would mirror its corporate culture and revolutionize its data management strategy.

Challenges and Implementation

The challenge that Toyota encountered in implementing tableau desktop is that it was compelled to do away with business intelligence tools from vendors such as Cognos. In addition, the application of tableau desktop software came with too much resistance more so during initial stages, which was in the fall of the year 2003. In fact, transition was not smooth because even after paying for the software, Toyota found it necessary to bring in SQL specialists to come up with custom reports. Then again, reports would be established and altered just within seconds and Toyota felt the software might not deliver up to its expectations.

The short-term solution was hiring an expert who would carry out complicated tasks with the software after which other staff members would familiarize themselves with the system. However, with subsequent use of the product, Toyota became used to the dynamics and everything just fell into place. Implementation of the tableau desktop software encompassed a thorough analysis of how decisions were arrived at and how the company information ought to be presented to stakeholders.

Company Benefits

Toyota now uses tableau desktop to come up with charts, interactive maps, graphical solutions, and all sorts of data visualizations. Structured information can thus be manipulated in decent mannerisms that can be easily understood, while maintaining professionalism. The company has thus achieved its objectives of finding how it would professionally present its structured data.

How Leighton Holdings Did Not Succeed In Using Tableau Desktop Software

Company and Tableau Desktop Software

Leighton holding is a construction and civil engineering company headquartered in Australia. The company has also been active in the realm of mining and resources, telecommunication, and infrastructure development. Leighton holding has eventually changed its name to CIMIC Group Limited.

Why It Did Not Succeed

The company has failed in using tableau desktop because it has found out that the software has a level of security that could not draw the line between categorical and quantitative data. In addition, the software works well with structured data that can be easily incorporated in table, chart, or graphical visualizations. However, Leighton holding primarily hands unstructured data, which are not compatible with tableau desktop. Moreover, tableau desktop works seemingly well with data that are either in Excel or a CSV file. The only problem occurs when a company finds it useful to connect to a database because the user will have to come up with an SQL query that would be useful in pulling the data set. The query will call for a technology specialist and compels the company to cater for unnecessary costs.


Development of tableau desktop as a business intelligence software has been embedded on a simple idea that a database ought to generate visualizations as opposed to mere numbers that can be hardly understood. The software has been a vital tool that turns raw data into something useful. Tableau that is the vendor of tableau desktop also offers other similar products, namely tableau server, tableau digital, and tableau public, which are commonly used by bloggers. However, despite the fact that tableau desktop offers amazing data visualizations, it is not the most convenient business intelligence software based on preferences of other companies.